What to do When in Malta – Part 5

The Maltese Countryside – Hiking in Malta

If you’re the outdoors type of traveler and you are looking for a holiday where you can enjoy a hike, Malta offers beautiful walks along the coast as well as . Tracking along the southern coast from Marsaskala to Birzebbuga or walk on the hills between Ghajn Tuffieha and Gnejna present perfect photo-taking conditions as well as a nice exercise option. The cliffs in Dingli are also good options where one can even explore caves with sea views at the back drop. Siggiewi, a village in the center of Malta is surrounded by fields and rural hills where one can enjoy a walk along the green Maltese countryside.

Gozo, our sister island, is full of green areas perfect for hiking. Being less populated, Gozo is a better option for those who want to center their holiday around hiking and the outdoors as there is more space for the great outdoors. The vast countryside and the picturesque beaches offer many options to explorers who want to feel one with nature. For some inspiration, there are downloadable books you can get through a Google search where you can choose from at least 10 routes through Gozo’s countryside.

The smallest of the three main islands, Comino is also a good option for hiking. Being only occupied by 1 hotel and just 3 residents, exploring Comino is a wonder for the outdoors enthusiast. Most people visit Comino in summer for the beautiful beaches it possesses, but for a hiker, its countryside is perfect for a day of hiking.


Tip from a local: If you are looking for this kind of holiday, I suggest you come in February, March, April, October or November so that you can enjoy your hike in cool weather. In summer, the sun is too hot and during those months, the weather is usually sunny and cool.


Until next time, stay safe and dream big.



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