What to do When in Malta – Part 4

Being an island, Malta has numerous beaches all around its coast. Whether you’re a diver, a cave explorer or just want to laze around in the sun to get a tan, you can be sure that you’ll find the right spot.

Sandy Beaches in Malta

Around the coast, there are quite a few sandy beaches where one can spend a whole day just soaking up the sun. The best known sandy beaches are Ghadira (the largest sandy beach even though its name literally means “pond”),  Apple’s eye, the Riviera, Armier and Gnejna in the North of Malta St. George’s bay in Central Malta and Pretty bay in the South. During the summer months, these sandy beaches are full of beach goers enjoying the sun and the sea. Most beaches have the facility to rent sun beds, umbrellas as well as paddle boats and canoes. These are the perfect spots to get the perfect sun tan.

Rocky Beaches in Malta

If you really don’t like the sand (who wants all that stuff sticking to them), there are a lot of beautiful rocky beaches you can so to. The most famous ones are Anchor Bay (Popeye Village to many Maltese), Mistra bay, Salina bay, most areas in Sliema and most areas in Marsaskala (a personal favorite). The rocks are not as comfortable as the sand for a whole day of swimming and sun bathing but some cushioning will do wonders and you can enjoy these spots for as long as you want. Most of these rocky beaches do not have the facilities of renting as when you visit the sandy beaches therefore if you want some shelter, do take your own.

Diving in Malta

Around the island, there are a number of diving spots where one can explore the wonders of the world under the sea. Here in Malta we also have a number of purposely sunken ships as well as historic shipwrecks for diving explorers to discover. One can find a few diving groups with whom one can explore these sites. If you just want to watch the fish swim, there are plenty of fish to chase in every beach.

Activities Near the Beach in Malta

If a full day of sun bathing and swimming is too boring for you, most beaches, especially in the North of Malta, offer adventurous activities such as parasailing, canoeing, paddle boating and wind surfing. Most of these activities are against a fee but the view of the Maltese islands from a parachute or exploring the caves with a canoe are worth every euro cent. These activities make a day at the beach fly by even faster along with giving you a reason to boast to your friends what a daredevil you are. In some beaches, you can also rent a boat to get a sightseeing tour of the area on the sea or so you can get to a spot on the beach which is more difficult to access.

Tips from a Local (too many to just give you one):

Put on sunblock so that you do not waste the rest of your holiday due to sunburn. I get a lot of patients wanting something to ease the sunburn. Therefore sun block and an after sun  lotion are a must.

If you do not know which beach to choose, https://whichbeach.com.mt/ suggests the safest beaches at the time according to the direction of the wind.

If you truly want the Maltese beach experience, go to the closest grocery store and buy a ftira. Some grocers offer that they do it for you, a typical Maltese ftira with tomato paste, tuna, olives, olive oil, onions and capers….mmmmm

In the past few years we have had jellyfish invasions, so be careful when swimming. I suggest you buy some hydorcortisone cream so if you get stung, you apply some immediately to limit the pain and you can keep enjoying your day by the sea.


Until the next time, stay safe and if you’re reading this post for suggestions to go to the beach, use sun block.



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