Weekend in Vienna – Day 3


Our holiday has come to an end. Time flies when you are abroad! Today, our fight was at 20.00 therefore we had time to go sightseeing during the morning. The hotel also agreed to keep our luggage till 14.00 so that we were free to explore around without having to lug our luggage around with us. We woke up, packed everything, had breakfast and left the hotel at around 9.45. The Viennese like to sleep in on Sunday morning I think, as the streets and undergrounds were quiet. Our first destination this morning was the Hundertwasserhaus, a splash of color among neutral colored buildings.

Next we went to the Museumsquartier just to say that we went there as well (I am not a big fan of museums and we did not have enough time anyway). Then we went to Schonbrunn palace, a must see here in Vienna. We did not go into the palace but the gardens are to die for. Beautiful fountains, breathtaking views…simply stunning. The weather did not favor us as it was cloudy and rainy but the gardens were still beautiful to stroll in. We only had about two hours so it was a very short visit but I do suggest you dedicate a day to see this beautiful landmark.

At around 12.30, it was time to head back to the hotel to get our luggage. We decided to go straight to the airport as our bags were quite heavy (we bought a lot of new stuff). All it took from the hotel to the airport was an hour during which we caught 2 trains. The rides were very comfortable and the inspector on the train to the airport lightened up the gloom that comes with going back home after a great weekend.

And that was the end of our trip (waiting at the airport for 4 hours is not that interesting to write about).

Some reflections about Vienna

  • I was very surprised at how clean the city was. It is rare to find such cleanliness in big cities.
  • The public transport is very very efficient. Trains are always on time (at least during these 3 days) and the prices are quite cheap.
  • There are too many landmarks to be able to visit everything in 3 days!
  • You can go for a concert every night, at least during the weekend and tickets are very easy to find.

If you really need a break and you love exploring big cities, Vienna is a great contender. It is a big city with many landmarks to visit, not very busy unlike other capital cities in Europe, very easy to get around and quite cheap for a beer-pocketer. The food was to die for and also very cheap. Getting around on public transport is fast, efficient and does not break the bank (I mean 34 Euros including 3 days public transport tickets and airport transfers is a bargain!).


That marks the end of my weekend in Vienna.

Until next time, stay safe and lets start planning the next trip.



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