Weekend in Vienna – Day 1

Arriving in Vienna

10.30: Hello from Vienna. My mother and I have just landed at Vienna International Airport and I have already been surprised by the easiness with which we have exited the airport and are travelling into the city.

First of all, hats off to Air Malta for the lovely flight. We departed on time from a stormy Malta and landed in sunny Vienna at 9.35 here. As it was an early flight, we skipped breakfast and so we had one one during the flight. A cup of tea and a ham and cheese sandwich in a brioche bun are just what you need for breakfast. The flight was smooth most of the way with a few bumps around the middle of the journey.

This is my first time in Vienna and I was really impressed at how big, clean and efficient the airport here is. We waited about 15 minutes for our luggage which is very good time for an airport of that size. Before you even exit the arrivals area, you can buy train tickets either just for the city center or for up to a three day stay. As soon as you walk out the door from the baggage area, you find yourself only three minutes away from the train which takes you to the center. The tickets for this train and a three day stay amounted to just 38 euro per person. Not bad for a beer pocket traveler.

14.00: The train ride took 16 minutes to get us to the center of Vienna. From there we had to catch another train to get to our hotel. We are staying at the Ibis Budget Wein Sankt Marx, one hotel from a cheap, reliable and comfortable chain around the world. We arrived very early for our check in so we couldn’t get our room at that moment. We decided to go back to the station and go around the few shops there. It was a bit uncomfortable to lug our luggage around with us as the hotel does not have a baggage room where to keep them. At around 12.30 we went to McDonald’s (yes I know….very classy) to eat something and wait for time to pass. At 13.30 we decided to walk back to our hotel and wait for the room there but as soon as we arrived, the nice young lady at the desk gave us our room. We settled in and we are going to take some time to relax a bit.


22.00 At around 15.30 we left the hotel to go out. We decided that we wanted to get our shopping done today so we can have the rest of the holiday exploring the city. We first went to Mariahilferstrasse, a street full of shops of every kind. We visited some shops there and then decided that we should go to Vosendorf Sud, a huge shopping village on the outskirts of Vienna. There we just managed to buy stuff from one particular shop as the shopping center closes at 19.00. We were happy enough with our purchases (we should be, having spent more than 200 euros on clothes!) and so we decided to get back to the hotel to unload. Once we got to the hotel, a quick search on google suggested a nice beer garden restaurant just 500 m away from our hotel. We decided to go there for dinner and had two wonderful salads (see picture below). Now we are back at the hotel, ready to sleep after an eventful day.


Goodnight world, until tomorrow, stay safe and sleep tight.



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