Travelling in Big Groups – Amsterdam

In a month’s time I will be on my next adventure. I am going to Amsterdam for the first time and we are going to be ten individuals in our group. We have already settled our flight tickets and our lodging however we are still discussing which attractions we want to do. We have some places in mind but there is still no definite itinerary. We have two different types of people in our group, the ones like myself who want to wing it and the others who want to schedule everything to the minute if possible. Some of us have already started packing (I haven’t)!

Travelling in a big group is both fun as well as a challenge. Each of us have different lifestyles, interests and opinions, therefore deciding on something that everyone likes is very hard. The key is to always remember that you are going there to have fun and relax. If everyone gives a little, the adventure would be an amazing one. Decide beforehand which attractions are interesting for everyone and which ones you might want to do alone. It is true that you are going as a group, however it is also a good idea to have some time on your own or with less people in the group.

Not everyone’s budget is the same therefore one has to know his/her own budget and not go over it as well as to understand that the others might afford less than you do. It is important that we try and not make someone who cannot pay left out. In any place, there are free activities one can do which will most probably be more fun than some attractions you have to pay for.

I will let you in on other plans we make in other posts later on. For now we know that we will be in Amsterdam for the last week of November, we are going to stay at a resort around 1 hour outside of the city center and we are going to be ten individuals. We are also going to be joined by other friends during some days. If you are going to be around, do feel free to contact us and we can meet up… I like to make new friends 🙂


Until next time, stay safe and start planning (or not).





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