The Beauty of a Place

Hi everyone. I know you haven’t heard from me for a while but it’s been a hectic few weeks. However this morning I wanted to share with you all my thoughts.

I woke up earlier than usual this morning, due to some works being done at my new house. As I got there I had a few minutes to myself and I got thinking. The view from my balcony was breath-taking. I am surrounded by buildings but as the sun rises, you can see it reflecting off the sea.

Marsaskala skyline #earlymorning #seaview #countryview

Sometimes, unfortunately, we do not appreciate the beauty we are surrounded by. When you think about your surroundings, you will notice how beautiful the world is. Each spot has its own charm.

When you travel and go to a new place, you take time to absorb the scenery but we usually take our home for granted. I know…life is too fast…but it only takes a minute and it will definitely make your day better.

Until next time dear followers. Stay safe and I wish that you can take a few minutes to appreciate the beauty around you.


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