Stuff to do While Waiting

During our day to day routine, we hardly wait for anything any more. Let’s face it, in this day and age, waiting time is wasted time as we rush from work to chores to outings to bed and repeat the next day. That is why when you travel, you feel like you waste a lot of time waiting. You wait at the airport for your flight (which you should be there early for), you wait for the flight to arrive at your destination (sometimes long hours to cross the world), you wait for your room to be ready if you arrive early. In order to not loose your mind to boredom, you have to find ways to fill that time.

While waiting at the airport

Those few hours spent at the airport while waiting for your flight can be agony, especially if the flight is delayed. The obvious way to kill boredom is to go look at the shops and empty your pocket in the expensive shops in the departures lounge. However if you (like me) don’t have enough money to spend, this is not really an option. I guess window shopping is also a good option but there are two problems with this. The first is that most shops have similar stuff (souvenirs, perfumes, alcohol, etc.) and that gets boring in itself. The second problem is that you might give into the temptation to buy the stuff.

Other options that might save you some money are:

  • Reading a book
  • Working (if not on holiday, you can always answer emails or write something)
  • Watching a movie
  • Having something to eat (even though more expensive than restaurants outside, still cheaper than the plane food)
  • Playing a game (on your phone or with a travel partner)

Do take care of the time so that you don’t miss your flight (I was going to do that once). Stay near a monitor showing departure times and gates so that from time to time you can check the status of your flight.

While on the flight

Flight time is harder to kill. No internet, no shops, no where to go! Choices are limited. The following are my favorite stuff to do while on the plane:

  • Sleep (a great time to catch some Zs)
  • Read a book
  • Watch a downloaded movie/series
  • Play an offline game or if you’re with a group play a group game
  • ┬áListen to some music and enjoy the view (if you’re seated next to the window)

My most preferred thing to do when on a plane is sleeping (usually even if i’m not tired) as that way you don’t see the time passing. Reading a book is also a good way to use that time in a productive way as you get to keep your mind working in a creative and relaxing way. If you read a non-fiction book, you also get to learn something. They say that the most successful people read around 50 books a year. Reading a book on flights will get you a step closer to success (disclaimer: reading a book is not a sure way to be successful but it does help).

I hope you find something you like and that helps you while traveling in this list. If you have other ways to kill time while waiting do post in the comments section.


Until next time, stay safe and enjoy every minute in life.



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