Spring in Malta

The cold season is gone and it’s time to start taking off some of the layers of clothes we need to wear to keep warm during the cold months. But…hold your horses…Malta is not warm enough yet.

Spring Weather in Malta

This year, as well as last year if I recall correctly, Spring started with a storm. It has been grey here for two days with some intervals of rain as well as small tornados (quite rare here in Malta). But do not be discouraged to visit us because Spring is beautiful here and the best time to visit. It is usually sunny and warm with clear, blue skies. Later on, in mid Spring, you can go out without a jacket and be comfortable.

Easter Time

Spring is quite eventful here in Malta. There are a lot more events one can attend. Easter time is very popular here with numerous exhibitions and plays representing the final hours of Our Lord and His triumphant return. Every weekend during the five weeks of Lent, one can find one play or another in various localities. There are also many art and statue exhibitions, both privately set up by enthusiasts as well as the local parishes. Many localities also organise a procession with people dressing up as biblical personalities to commemorate Jesus’ death.

You do not have to be religious to enjoy this part of our culture. Our traditions make us who we are and if you want to feel Maltese, Easter time is a good place to start. On Easter Sunday, many localities celebrate the Risen Lord with a cheerful procession including the blessing of Easter eggs and the traditional Figolla.

So…start planning your Easter break and I might be biased but I suggest you consider coming here for a different holiday. And do not worry, you can bring your bathing suit as well as it would be hot enough to visit the beach.

Until next time, stay safe and treat yourself to a relaxing trip.


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