Saving Money on a Trip

Lets face it, travelling is expensive when you have so many stuff you have to pay for on a day to day basis (food, rent, car, insurance, drinks, clothes, toiletries, beauty products,, etc.). Plane tickets, lodging and bus/train tickets seem like extra expenses even though you’re sure that your mind is close to shutting down and is in dire need of a break. But, despair not, because you can travel with little money and still get a good relaxing holiday. Below are some tips on how to save money when travelling.

  • Cheap plane tickets: plane ticket prices change over time therefore its good to check from time to time however do not leave till the last minute to buy them.
  • Travel light: most cheap airlines allows only a hand luggage for free. Try to fit everything in the carry on luggage so that you don’t have to pay for an extra luggage. For a quick list of what to pack, check out a previous post.
  • Look for lodging: at first sight, lodging might seem very expensive but do research the area for hostels, hotels or B&Bs as you might find good places to stay at low prices.
  • Research restaurants: food is very important for those long exploring trips. Google gives you a lot of options where to go and you can filter what type of food you want to eat and at what price. Asking a local is also a good option as they will know where to go for good food at lower prices than the touristy areas.
  • Train/bus tickets: most places give you the option to buy a ticket for your whole stay. This is usually cheaper than buying tickets daily. I am a big fan of exploring new places on foot as well as that lowers your expenses as well as getting some good exercise.
  • Visiting museums: I believe in online booking as that way you can skip at least one line. Online deals are also a way to make a bargain. Look for tickets for the place you want to visit through Google and you might find discounts only available online. If you are going as a group, most places offer a group discount. In Europe, people under 25 years usually go into museums for free so travel up before you turn 25!
  • Restricting expenditure: Avoid going to places that might make you want to but stuff you don’t need (shopping sprees, promoters who want to show you their products, etc.). Also plan (no need for a ridged plan) where to go so that you can group places that are next to each other instead of travelling by bus/train to areas in the same region at different times (saves money and time).
  • Shopping: avoid buying stuff that you can take with you from home (toiletries, some clothes) unless you find that it is cheaper to do so. If you find that the plane ticket does not include some form of luggage, buying stuff from your destination like clothes and maybe a suitcase might be a better option as you only have to pay for one luggage ticket.
  • Overweight baggage: avoid buying too much stuff that your luggage goes over the weight you have bought. If this is the case, spread your belongings in different bags (your hand luggage, back-pack or small bag and the luggage you are putting in the hold. If you have bulky objects, such as a jacket, wear it even though it might be a 100 degrees outside.

If you have any other ways to save money when on holiday, please leave them in a comment below, I would love to hear from you.



Until next time, stay safe and start saving the pennies for a good trip.




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