Remembering Notre Dame Cathedral

It was shocking this week to open the news pages and see that this beloved and majestic cathedral went up in flames. So much history…ruined in just a few hours. I couldn’t help not writing something about this holy place where I spent many a Sundays.

Nearly six years ago I was living in Paris as part of my studies. I spent three months living the Parisian life, had the opportunity to visit most of the landmarks and museums in Paris and obviously one cannot say that they were in Paris if they did not visit this iconic building. The first time I visited was actually eleven years ago when I was on holiday in Paris with my parents but I was too young to appreciate the beauty of this cathedral.

During those three months I spent living in Paris, I attended a number of mass services at Notre Dame. I remember one particular Sunday, this father with two children was sitting in front of me. The kids weren’t very interested in the mass going on but they had two pictures they were filling in with colours. They reminded me of my brother and I when we were young. It also made me think about the innocence we lose when we grow up, especially when a tragedy such as this fire happens.

It is a relief to know that most art pieces are safe and that the French Government will be rebuilding this cathedral. It is a part of history that is important for future generations to inherit.

I hope that tragedies like this one are not in the near future. Until next time dear readers, stay safe and appreciate each place you visit (even if there is a long line) as you do not know if it will stand till your next visit.

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