Holidays in Malta

‘Tis the season to be jolly everyone. Christmas is here and the end of the year is with us as well. Looking back at this year, it makes you think about all the changes you did to your life, all the new experiences that you went through that made you grow up. I think a personal development I went through this year is that I became more aware that I need to appreciate more the people around you. Anyways, I wanted to write something about how we celebrate the holidays here in Malta.

Christmas is a very popular holiday here in Malta. Some people start from very early on to buy their Christmas presents. The very enthusiastic people decorate their home with lights and tinsels which you can probably see from outer space.

Christmas afternoon tea at home

We love our decorations and many towns put up Christmas lights. We put up a crib in our roundabouts so that one can really feel the Christmas spirit everywhere.

We are quite religious as a country with traditions going back for decades. A lot of people attend the Mass celebrated at midnight. Before it starts, most churches organize an hour of events such as carol singing, short plays with a particular message appropriate to the season.

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The highlight of the event is the boy’s sermon where a young boy or girl speak to the congregation passing on an important message.

We Maltese love our food therefore Christmas lunch is a huge event. Most families get together of Christmas lunch which involves a lot of food. Traditionally the main course is a turkey in any form but usually you are already too full to eat it (but we still force it down because it is so good!).

Traditional Christmas sweets include the usual Christmas log and mince pies (yes not very Maltese). There is also the more Maltese honey ring and the Imbuljuta which is a hot drink with a base of chestnuts drunk after the midnight mass.

If you’re around during the Christmas holidays, be sure to try these delicious delicacies and do go round the decorated streets of Valletta. And make sure that you know where you are going to eat on Christmas day as restaurants are booked from early on.

Until next time dear readers, Happy Holidays and please stay safe especially if you are going to be drinking (also very popular here).


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