A Basic Packing List for a Short Trip

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am going to Vienna this coming weekend and of course I have to pack. I usually make a mental list of things I will be needing during my stay and I usually either forget something or remember to put it in my bag at the last minute. So today I decided to put it down here so that I remember to pack everything and so that I can share it with you guys. If I leave something out or if you think that the trip would be better if I pack something else or something less, please do comment below. I love reading your opinions. I will be listing the stuff in sections so that it will be better to notice any absent items.

Clothes (to look fabulous in)

  • Pants ( the amount of days you are going to be away + 1 just in case there are any accidents)
  • Shirts ( the amount of days + at least two others)
  • Underwear ( the amount of days + 2 extra underpants)
  • Socks ( at least 3 pairs if you have only closed shoes)
  • Thermal clothes (if travelling to cold areas)
  • Something to sleep in (whatever makes you comfortable)
  • Jacket (at least one waterproof and quite warming)
  • Swim wear (if you plan to go swimming)

Shoes (to carry you to every adventure)

  • Closed shoes (at least one pair just in case it rains or you are going to walk a lot)
  • Hiking shoes (if you plan to go hiking or you plan to walk for long periods of time)
  • Nice shoes (a pair for when you feel like being a model)
  • Shoes to lounge in (optional and if you have space)
  • Flip flops (to shower in especially if you are staying in a hostel or have a shared bathroom)

Accessories (for that extra glamour)

  • Scarf (for those lightly chilly evenings or as an accessory)
  • Jewelry (some cheap earrings, a bracelet and a necklace to spice up the outfit)
  • Bags ( a comfortable bag which fits all the necessary itemsĀ  you need when exploring the area you are travelling to)
  • Hair accessories (hair bands, hair clips, bobby pins and a hair brush)

Toiletries (because hygiene is everything)

  • Shower gel (if you want your own or your skin is too sensitive for the ones provided in hotels)
  • Hair products (if your hair is stubborn)
  • Toothpaste and Toothbrush (being on holiday is no excuse to not brush your teeth)
  • Face products (make up remover, cleanser, toner, moisturizer)
  • Intimate wash (especially if you are going to use the products offered by hotels)
  • Deodorant + perfume (to smell yummy)
  • Mineralizing Thermal Water spray (a god send in hot weather)
  • Make up (just a touch to feel glamorous)
  • Sun Block (always unless you are travelling somewhere where the sun never shines)
  • Some liquid soap for washing clothes (so you can wash your socks and wear them the next day)

Gadgets (what would we do without them)

  • Phone + Charger (you can’t live without it)
  • Tablet/Laptop + Charger (for that long plane ride)
  • Camera + Charger (if you love taking photos)
  • USB cable (to transfer items from your phone/camera to your laptop)
  • Extension cord (if you are taking a lot of gadgets as hotel rooms usually have only a few charging points)
  • Electrical Adapter (because unfortunately we live in a world with many different types of power plugs and sockets)

First Aid Box (for emergencies)

It is important to take some medicines with you just in case you feel under the weather because you might not find what you need in foreign pharmacies. A basic first aid box (or pocket) should include the following items:

  • Anti-inflammatory (such as ibuprofen)
  • Probiotics (just in case you eat something that does not agree with you)
  • Hydrocortisone cream (for bug bites, stings, or heat rash)
  • Barrier/Repair cream (for any scratches, cuts and bruises)
  • Anti-Histamine (for allergies)
  • Antacids (for after big meals and if you get heart burn)
  • Electrolytes (for dehydration, nausea and hangovers)
  • Any chronic medication you take daily (take with you a few extra just in case you miss your flight or if for any other reason you cannot return home)

Other Stuff (because some things you cannot live without)

  • A book (for all the time you spend waiting at the airport)
  • Money/Credit Card/ Visa + back up (of course)
  • Passport (how will you fly without it)
  • Plane tickets/ Boarding passes (no ticket, no flight)
  • Insurance (at least something that covers your health)
  • Hotel reservation confirmation (where you can access it)
  • Padlock (to lock up your stuff during transit and at the hotel)
  • A map (yes, I know, Google Maps is great but just in case your phone dies!)
  • Power bank (to use Google maps for longer)
  • Umbrella (if you do not have a waterproof jacket or if you’re visiting a hot country with the chance of rain)


Yes I know this seems like a lot of stuff for just a few days, but if you pack intelligently and minimize the space taken up by air, all this can fit in a hand luggage. If you take the least bulky clothes and shoes, take small bottles for liquids and place everything in an orderly fashion (just like a jigsaw puzzle) you can fit all these things in one bag and still have space for some shopping.

Some tips:
Pack at least your chronic medications in your hand luggage just in case your luggage does not arrive at your destination with you (yes these thing happen quite often)
If you have prescriptions for your chronic medications, do take a copy with you
Take samples you get from pharmacies, beauty shops etc. with you instead of big bottles to save the space in your luggage
Put one mode of payment on your person but leave a backup back where you are staying in a secure place


Until next time my friends, stay safe and pack your bags


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